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Hardscape materials such as concrete, pavers, flagstone, stacked stone, block walls with various textures, boulders and granite can be made into a variety of shapes and structures. Retaining walls, planters, seating walls, boulders, firepits, and barbecues can be centerpieces in your out-of-doors. Mortarless interlocking pavers for walkways and patio floors are an inexpensive design element to tie together each individual focal point.


There are two approaches to xeriscape. One is to “adjust” your existing landscaping to use less water.  The other is to design and construct an entirely new water wise landscape. The use of both native plants along with artistic usage of hardscaping can be veritably eye catching.

Xeriscape landscaping can be very beautiful and generally requires less water, fertilizer, maintenance, and pest control than traditional landscaping. These savings add up. Using less will ultimately save you money. 

You may choose to xeriscape some or all your landscaping area. So don’t feel tied down to an all or nothing attitude. Grouping plants with similar water needs allows them to be watered as required with very little waste. By planting low water use plants in different irrigation zones you can regulate water needs more accurately.


A small renovation in your existing plant areas can give a revitalizing lift to your outdoor experience. Even with a complete redesign, choosing between the various trees, flowers, shrubs, and sod, consideration and careful attention should be given to the site itself. What conditions will these plants undergo during their lifespan? What size will they get when they mature? Will each plant compliment one another even after initial installation. Rock Solid Landscape ensures that all of these considerations are taken into account.


In order to nurture plants not native to the high desert of Northern Nevada, along with turf areas, it is necessary to install water saving irrigation systems. Rock Solid Landscape has expertise in both planting and irrigation to sustain any landscape.


To properly channel runoff it is sometimes necessary to devise a drainage system. Site grading, Dry creek beds, French and Area drains ensure extra water will not build up and cause problems.


Think about what you want from your out-of-doors space. How is it currently being utilized? Actually how could it be used; how you would like to use it? Allow Rock Solid Landscape the opportunity to consult with you. We will help you understand your space’s natural assets.


Rock Solid Landscape is committed to delivering highly individualized and customized landscaping, designed and executed with expertise and integrity. We place personalized service, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship at the forefront of our approach.

We realize creating your landscape design is an individualized process that must match your style and vision, which is why an owner meets personally with each customer. We provide our experience and artistic creativity to aide in your ideal vision. If you are uncertain as to how your yard can best be transformed, we provide a full picture portfolio of past designs for inspiration and possibility.

We warranty all hardscapes for 3 years and installations of landscape for 1 year, as we are confident in the excellence of our work and are dedicated to a personal relationship with each and every customer.